Friday, November 21, 2008

Hall of Fame Material


Gay Hall of Fame.

(Big ups to Film Drunk for finding this gem)

To recap: Underage black kid finds binoculars in a dumpster. When he puts them up to his eyes, because, well, who wouldn't? He sees three mildly retarded Canadians done up in their best attempt at Jersey douchebags. They immediately begin singing, "I will be the one to love and comfort you from now until the day I die." followed by, "If you get down on me I'll get down on you."

At this point you'd think the kid would drop the binoculars and go about his day, but instead a grin appears on his face and moments later he's transferred into the video.

One of the homos singing tries to throw a football but he's holding it squarely in the middle of the ball and you can almost see his vagina when he flails the ball forward.

All three fail to understand proper eye contact, holding the gaze of the camera far too long. This becomes almost as uncomfortable as listening to the actual song, but not nearly as uncomfortable as the dude in the white tank tops face. It looks like his mouth is trying to eat his nose. He's gotta be inbred.

At any rate, there is gay dancing and singing, more awkward eye contact, and eventually the black kid gives a homeless man the binoculars.

If you buy the album I hear you get a dvd with special features like a follow-up interview with the group as well as the black kid. That kid is now doing a lot of snapping and You go, girl-ing. The bitter beer faced guy and his blond buddy have been seen recently hanging out with the Hamm brothers. The dark haired guy has tried and failed numerous times to get on It seems he's the opposite of a hot chick magnet. Go figure.

And if you happen to be in Vegas for the blogger thingamajigger, look for groups of girls going nuts and throwing panties and you just might catch a glimpse of the Bracelet.


Irritable Male Syndrome said...

Is that...a...puka shell necklace?

I hate you for showing me this.

elizabeth said...

that just might be the worst piece of crap ever to be recorded. in a world where the new kids on the block have made a comeback, that's saying something.

Unknown said...

Good thing Richard Grieco's kid found some work besides his gay porn fluffing job.

Unknown said...

Ok, now I hate you because I just watched it again.