Monday, October 19, 2009



Interesting that one can blog from their phone these days. It's almost as easy as pie. Which I never thought was easy but what am I, some sort of pie expert?

I do so much on my iPhone that I really only need a few more applications and I'll never have to speak to people again. Early thought on the subject reveals a need for a text to voice app and maybe a wider screen for porn.

I figure I only need to wait maybe six months and apple nerds around the world will have that taken care of. On my side I really only need to do one thing.

Find new porn.

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DrChako said...

Maybe we need to start a smart-phone-porn-blog.

I bet there's already an app for that.


The Bracelet said...


A How-To guide on finding and "using" the best smart phone porn on the internet!

Unknown said...

You don't know the half of it, if it ain't jailbroken!

KajaPoker said...

email me for the best iPhone pron: kajagugu (in da) bellsouth (dizzle) net