Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We Bring You This Summit Interruption...

And by "We" I mean, me.

Father of the Year candidate in Michigan, possibly the world.

He's already got the balls to wear a shirt saying he's the "World's Greatest Dad" but apparently Daniel Allen Everett also had the balls for something else.

Namely, attempting to meet up with who he thought was a 14 year old girl for sex.


Of course it was a cop. It's always a cop in Michigan. They have a task force, for crying out loud! People are busted all the time. Almost 200 since they started it, in fact.

Showing up to abuse a child while wearing a shirt proclaiming how impressive you are at treating children reminds of a few of my favorite types of dumbasses.

- The overweight guy slowly riding his ten speed while dressed like Lance Armstrong

- Fat chicks wearing tight designer sweat pants with slogans like, "Juicy" on the ass

- White kids who pimp out their Dodge Neon

- Puerto Ricans

That last one was for Joaquin and the Summit contingent. Running joke. Don't get all over my ass (No homo) for it because it's cool, I'm Puerto Rican myself. So I'm allowed to joke.

Lastly, I'd like to dedicate this post to all the dumbasses who fail to understand how google works and how to properly find what it is they're looking for.


Here's a screen cap of how people found my site recently...



Unknown said...

I'm never eating freshly tossed salad at the Olive Garden again.

No homo.

StB said...

The chlamydia searches where from Chad. He is still looking for a cure for his ear VD.

Kid Dynamite said...

tremendous search results... i'm jealous... although i still get hits from "o-ring blowout". and oh - i saw you're following me on twitter - don't expect much, i don't use it...

finally, re: golf: does your outsized junk effect your swing?

The Bracelet said...

So long as I counterweight it with special tighty whiteys then I'm fine.