Monday, July 21, 2008

Officially Official

Damn you, people!

Why did you all have to start doing this stupid twitter thing?

I blame it on BG. All he ever does anymore is twitter. I can't keep up with him otherwise. Iggy? Twitters. Daddy? Twitters.

Hell, I wouldn't doubt that my long lost hairy Italian girl twitters. It's getting ridiculous.

So I went and created a twitter account. Did everyone else's cost $150?

I now have more than two totally gay outlets enabling you to track my life as I bang chicks, accept modeling contracts, and beat dolphins to death with my fists*.

*It's the only way to preserve the sweet, sweet dolphin juices for cooking!

Anyways, I'm here.

I hate you, people.


Betty Underground said...

Can we get t-shirts "I follow the Bracelet"
"I like Huge Junk Twitters"

The Bracelet said...

Interesting idea...

Unknown said...

I used to think making a mix tape was cool too.

I hope twitter does not get me.

Irritable Male Syndrome said...

I know it's hard to believe, but this makes the times when I'm sitting at the bar, alone, text messaging my girlfriend seem less gay.

But, I have unlimited text-messages, so I might just have to use this stupid service sometime. Reading blogs takes too much time.