Thursday, March 11, 2010



Lots of people were missed this past Mastodon Weekend. Some received dial-a-shots, some got text messages or calls, and others got nothing. That's for not calling me on my birthday, D-Lister.

But anyways...

Speaker reached out to me after my impressive 4th place finish in the poker tourney to say congrats via text message. I thought I'd share the back and forth as it's a perfect example of what I really enjoy about this group. Had he been there it still would have taken place in almost identical fashion. Not to mention the many other times it would have happened about beer, ladies, cities, or whatever topic tickled our fancy (Medical Term).

SPEAKER: Ship 4th place money! Nice goin. I wish I were there so badly that it's borderline faggy

BRACELET: Thanks, bro! I have been contractually obligated to use the word bro after winning a Bustout Poker t-shirt. They're like Ed Hardy's step-cousin's line. They made me put it on. I feel like fist pumping for some reason, bro.

SPEAKER: Sweet bro. Ima work that into as many conversations as I can tonight. Tho, in CA, it's 'brah'

Gnarly, brah. Sucks you ain't here, bro. It's just not the same. No homo, bro.

SPEAKER: I'm not saying I'd suck a dick for the chance to be there, brah, but I might lightly brush against one.

BRACELET: BRO! Brushing up against penises is my business, and business is gooooooood...Wait, what?


As I have now increased the productivity on my blog by 32,000% over last year I feel like I can take a couple months off again. Not sure if I will or won't. I still have things I'd like to talk about. Maybe I'll write again in the morning. Friday is the best. My normal high of 11 readers falls to 3 on a Friday. Unless, that is, I get extra keyword searches landing freaks on my site. A quick look at what people have been searching for before I go? Sure.

Sean Penn Sucks
Sean Penn is a fucking moron
Fuck Sean Penn oscar
Midget Bowling
Eat that watermelon
Serve my black ass

I had a shitload of repeated searches for those Sean Penn phrases, by the way. People must really hate him. I know I do. Also, I'm a little surprised at the lack of porn searches. Normally I have all sorts of crazy shit. Weird.

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