Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Breaking News!

He's back.

Yes, everyone's favorite soulja is back with another new hot jam to make you want to slice your ears off with a rusty saw blade or punch the nearest child in the face or choke-hold yourself into a blissful state of unconciousness where soulja boy isn't doing music but rather doing what he deserves to be doing, getting gunned down at a scrip club by Pacman Jones.

Thankfully, he's come out with a second video to follow up that abortion of a first song. Just like his first frustratingly popular hit, this one is also centered around a stupid fucking dance routine and again riddled with horrifically terrible producing to create a second jam that rivals the first for its place atop the list of dumbest and most ridiculous hit songs ever. This one, however, comes with an added bonus.

Now, for the first time ever, soulja boy's dance is clearly possible by even the most mentally retarded of his fan base. The bird walk dance is so easy to do that I hear Sarah Palin's newborn can do it. Granted, those who listen to soulja boy are clearly more mentally challenged than that kid. That kid is like Stephen Hawking compared to soulja boy's fanbase.

Anyways, you can catch the new song and dance HERE.

Then you can go HERE to order a garden hose to strangle yourself with.


Irritable Male Syndrome said...

I hate you for showing me that.

At least I didn't notice anyone defiling an ottoman, but it was a little tough to see in the background. Maybe it was on the tv.

The Bracelet said...

In your face!

Unknown said...

That was probably the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Kid Dynamite said...

ayyyyyyy Macarena.


this, combined with the ineptitude of the federal government reacting to problems with our financial systems, seals the deal that I will be moving to a bunker in the woods.