Monday, July 28, 2008

Half Off or Two For Fifty!

High prices for PellePelle gear got you down?

Yeah, me too.

Pulling out your hair over the local selection of Roca Wear?

Can't find an oversized bubble jacket with enough stuffing in it or a belt capable of keeping your pants properly located well below your ass?

Well have I got a place for you!

It's called Mr. Alan's and if you like to start fights because someone accidentally bumps into you, then you gotta get to the D. STAT!

(Make sure you watch until you see the cartoon guy slide onto the screen)


Heavy Critters said...


Reblogging now.

StB said...

That is some high quality acting going on there.

Unknown said...

He should have been shopping here:

KajaPoker said...

Wait, what? No Affiliate or referral link? That can only mean one thing, Mr. Alan! Exposed!